Package Setup

Installation procedure

The following sections outline the steps required to start to use the GridMate components on your Salesforce lightning pages. GridMate is available to install from the Salesforce AppExchange marketplace.

Before installing from AppExchange it is recommended to follow any required recommendations for your particular Salesforce organization in relation to installing packages. Refer to the Salesforce documentation for more details - Installing a package

  1. Visit GridMate Listing on the AppExchange

  2. Click Get It Now and follow the instructions presented

  3. Click Done When installation has completed

Deployment procedure

After the installation has been completed, the following deployment steps are required.

Users accessing the GridMate components also need to be assigned to a profile that has been granted the permission ‘API enabled’. Refer to the Salesforce documentation for more details Profiles

  1. The GridMate components use the Salesforce RestAPI to fetch metadata.

  2. Ensure each user using any lightning page which has the GridMate components is a member of a profile that has the Administrative Permission ‘API Enabled’ checked.

  3. To confirm this setting, from setup, enter Users in the Quick Find box, then select Profiles.

  4. Click Edit for the specific Profile.

  5. Scroll to the section Administrative Permissions and ensure the ‘API Enabled’ checkbox is checked.

  6. Click Save.

When both the installation and deployment procedures have been completed the GridMate components will be available in the Lightning App Builder in the list of Custom - Managed components.